The following was sent to the members and friends mailing list of the Honolulu Mens Shed:

Honolulu Mens Shed Limited Use Policies, from the Board of Directors

                         March 19, 2020

Although there are concerns about public gatherings and the spread of the Corona virus, Honolulu Mens Shed is officially open on a limited basis based on current government guidance. Several members would like access to the shed and to accommodate those members, the following guidance is set forth:

  • Access to the shed will be limited only ten (10) people max – if you are number 11, DO NOT ENTER THE SHED. Further, you must agree to register the day and time you will enter AND LEAVE the shed. This is specifically so we know who was there and when, should there be a contamination problem.
  • There is increased risk with public activities. Hence, all attendance is at your own risk and the Shed and Leaders will not be held liable.
  • Note that there are no warm water washing capabilities but hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes will be available and must be used frequently.
  • NO ONE with any illness or underlying medical issues are allowed under any circumstances, ABSOLUTELY NONE!
  • Tools will be wiped with disinfectant before and after each use.

These statements can and will be revised as further guidance is provided by State and Emergency Management Officials up to and including closing of the Shed.

The Board thanks all of the members for their continued support during this period. We look forward to seeing you when this situation is behind us.


Michael Trojan, President, Honolulu Mens Shed